Virtual Ward
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What is Virtual Ward?

The Virtual Ward is a patient handover application for medical professionals.

It utilizes simple and intuitive checklist functionality in providing users the ability to track patient issues and todo items.

Lists of patients may be created and shared among team members, allowing seamless and accurate handover.

Patient information you want, when you need it, shared among your team of physicians.

Safe and secure.

State of the art security measures including:

  1. Two Factor Authentication
  2. End-to-end data encryption
  3. Third party security/penetration testing
  4. Team of in-house security experts

Benefits of using the Virtual Ward.

  1. Provides a standardized communication tool for patient handover.
  2. Improves data safety and security by doing away with printed lists and billing cards.
  3. Improves practitioner accountability by tracking & auditing team task completion.
  4. Improves the efficiency of team communication & handover by providing a centralized repository of information containing patient summary, issues, and tasks that are shared among healthcare providers.

Patient care on the go.

Virtual Ward is available on any mobile device through your smart phone's browser.

It is also available on the App Store.

Built to integrate.

Virtual Ward was built from the ground-up to integrate with any of the following EHR's:

Made for I-PASS.

The only handover pneumonic and communication standard shown to decrease medical errors in a multi-centre trial published in a major medical journal.